thanks for dropping by! I’m IM Stupavsky “Stu” Zdenko, and this is my new blog.


1h of playing – $15/h

Training games.

1h game analysis ( non-annotated ) – $20/h

When it comes to the game analysis, the issue is quite simple. We will meet on Skype to have a chat about your game or games. Your understanding of P structures will be corrected, understanding behind moves improved, and you will get lots of tips for further improvement. I don’t use an engine while doing such analysis because my goal is to eliminate mistakes that you make by correcting your logic behind those moves.

1h game analysis ( annotated ) – $25/h

If you choose the analysis with annotations, you will get the chat on Skype plus a file with explanation in PGN or any other format.

I’m an opening specialist and I can teach the following openings:

– White:

  • English Opening 1.c4 – Pretty much every single reply, Botvinnik System, Symmetry, Reversed Dragon, Reversed Grand Prix Attack etc.
  • 1.e4 – Italian ( Max-Langels Attack, Hungarian Defence, 4.d3 lines, Evans Gambit included ), Scandinavian, Pirc, Caro-Kann, French, Alekhine etc. If you are interested in Sicilian then I can teach you Alapin variation and Fiachetto lines ( g3 systems ) as a reliable reply to every system.

– Black:

  • On 1.d4 I can help you with King’s Indian, BenOni, Chigorin.
  • On 1.e4 I can help with Sicilians ( especially Najdorf, Dragon, Accelerated Dragon, Scheveningen, 2..g6 systems ) and French.

So, I have a lot to offer, and I can surely help you to become a stronger player. I particularly emphisise the importance of pawn structures; if you want to make progress, you must understand typical plans, and common pawn structures. I want my student to understand, that’s my main goal.




One thought on “About

  1. Good ideas.And, spite the fact that chess an poker uses different kinds of brain processing, they are the 2 best competitte “sallon games”.

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