thanks for dropping by! I’m IM Stupavsky “Stu” Zdenko, and this is my new blog.


I’m an inactive player, but I’m really fond of a chess coaching. Coaching is an enjoyable experience, and every coach has a different system of teaching, so I’ve developed my own system that is based on playing training games. I play against my students a lot, and I provide them with information during training games, not after the games. So, when a student commits a mistake, I start challenging student’s views by asking questions, and, by doing so, I slowly guide the student to the right solution. Questions help me to find leaks in student’s thinking process and understanding thus I will have an easy time identifying, and curing weak spots. If I spot a huge leak then I will create a program to eliminate that problem.

I’m an opening specialist and I can teach the following openings:

– White:

  • English Opening 1.c4 – Pretty much every single reply, Botvinnik System, Symmetry, Reversed Dragon, Reversed Grand Prix Attack etc.
  • 1.e4 – Italian ( Max-Langels Attack, Hungarian Defence, 4.d3 lines, Evans Gambit included ), Scandinavian, Pirc, Caro-Kann, French, Alekhine etc. If you are interested in Sicilian then I can teach you Alapin variation and Fiachetto lines ( g3 systems ) as a reliable reply to every system.

– Black:

  • On 1.d4 I can help you with King’s Indian, BenOni, Chigorin.
  • On 1.e4 I can help with Sicilians ( especially Najdorf, Dragon, Accelerated Dragon, Scheveningen, 2..g6 systems ) and French.

So, I have a lot to offer, and I can surely help you to become a stronger player. I particularly emphisise the importance of pawn structures; if you want to make progress, you must understand typical plans, and common pawn structures. I want my student to understand, that’s my main goal. Student will get material in a written format too, so you one have something to refresh your memory with.


– Email service: $10 = 1 game

– Game analysis: $25/h

– Normal lesson : $30/h



One thought on “About

  1. Good ideas.And, spite the fact that chess an poker uses different kinds of brain processing, they are the 2 best competitte “sallon games”.

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